Notice To Vacate Form

on or before ( Month / Day / Year )

We understand that our deposit will be refunded as agreed, less past due unpaid charges, if any, after we have moved out completely and returned possession of the premises to the management, as long as we leave the residence in clean and undamaged condition.

We understand that our Lease/Rental Agreement states that we have agreed to a thirty day written notice to vacate. We understand that we are responsible for paying rent through the end of the term agreed to in the Lease/Rental Agreement or until another tenant is approved by the management and has taken occupancy, whichever happens first. As we have agreed in our Lease/Rental Agreement, we will make the premises accessible to show to prospective tenants or purchasers at any and all reasonable times, whether we are present or not.

 We would like to request a reference from you. Thank you, but we do not need a reference

Date of Birth ( Month / Day / Year )

Date of Birth ( Month / Day / Year )