The New Standard.

XL Real Property Management LLC is a residential property management company that focuses on serving the needs of foreign and local investors in the New York City real estate market.

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Our Profile in the New York Times

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What We Do.

Managing real estate requires more than just collecting rent. As your local property manager, our services are designed to take the stress out of managing your real estate investment on your own.

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Learn More About Us.

XL Real Property Managament LLC is a residential property management company that focuses on serving the needs of foreign and local investors in the New York City real estate market.

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Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about how we work, it is likely that an answer can be found here.

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Reach Us Anytime.

At XL Real Property Management, we can be reached anytime – day or night. Click to reach us by phone or send us an e-mail.

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Working with XL is a pleasure. As an owner, I feel completely comfortable putting my trust into the management team. My questions and concerns are always addressed immediately and with genuine intention to do whatever possible in order to solve the problem.

-Karin Hsu, Beijing

“You guys are my favorite thing about my apt- I do not want to deal with anyone else!”

-Alyssa Meier, New York

“Before coming across XL Real Property Management I was overwhelmed with tenant requests. Tenants were constantly complaining about the cleaning services and building maintenance. Once I started working with XL, all my worries were alleviated. I have not heard any complaints since!”

-Avi Stern, Tel Aviv

“I was hesitant to purchase property to rent because my permanent residence is in Europe. XL Real Property Management provides me with the luxury of owning an property without the tedious responsibilities that come along with it.”

-Gehard Schoene, Berlin

“Dylan and his team are so knowledgeable when it comes to real estate. It’s easy to trust them with the day to day decisions regarding my building.”

-Carolyn Williams, Singapore

“Last year my dishwasher broken, and I feared I would have to wait days, even weeks for repair. I was shocked that everything was taken care of within 48 hours!”

-Andrea Izzi, Rome

“The Best Solution for everyone – Investors/Landlords, Tenants, and RE Agents. XL provides true services”.

- Yuko Kawai, NYC

“XL does not just manage properties. They demonstrate a true dedication to their clients and are always pleasant to work with.”

-Genevieve Elkaim, Paris

“The team at XL does a superior job of managing assets, expectations and clients. Top notch in their field, XL is highly recommend!”

- James Malone, NYC

“XL Real Property Management took great care of my New York property when I returned to Europe for 2 years. Before I contracted with them, I had reached out to other property managers as well but Dylan and his team stood out as the most professional, responsive and knowledgeable about the real estate market in the city. I would definitely recommend them if you want a hassle-free experience while you are overseas and the management fee that you pay is a good value in regard to the peace of mind you derive from knowing your property is in good hands.”

- Nicolas G. Paris

“Finding a great property management is like finding a great broker: Impossible..
I have been using and recommending XL Real Property Management to ALL my clients and they are ALL satisfied and happy. The entire team is very responsive, highly professional and offers all options.
Win / win / win for everybody: The owner, the renter, the broker..
Highly recommend!”

- Pierre C. NYC

“Great company, very professional about the services they provide and very accommodative. I hired them when I moved from New York to London and had to rent out my coop apartment in Upper West Side. I have not experienced any issues. The team is very responsive and goes beyond standard solutions for property management.”

- Irina Kuzmenko, Europe

“XL Real Property Management is the go-to firm for all my investor buyers. I am always delighted to introduce clients to Dylan and his team for I am confident they will be more than pleased with the high level of service XL-rpm provides. Their responsiveness, dedication, and positive energy have won accolades from all my clients. As a real estate broker, meeting an investor buyer’s needs for reliable, responsible property management is critical. XL-rpm is an important service that I can offer my clients that can help seal a deal.”

- Joan Kaplan, NYC

“I am amazed by how much time and professionalism the XL Real Property Management team puts into my small account. They are solution providers. Hiring Dylan and team is the best business decision I’ve made all year. They keep everything on-track. I wish I had hired them years ago.”

- Colleen Quill, London

“Was struggling to manage my New York apartment halfway around the globe. XL was my savior and managed to take care of all my trouble. Used a similar company in London but it’s nothing compared to the professionalism of XL. Would highly recommend them!”

- Justin Wai, Hong Kong

“I highly recommend xl real property management!!

Professional and very kind!!!”

- Marzia Bucci, Italy

“We have been using XL Real Property Management for over one year and we have been extremely happy. They are professional and reliable and handle capably all rental-related issues. We highly recommend them if you need to rent out your property.”

- Franco Manco, Argentina

“When I moved out of New York, it was hard to find a company that would manage a single apartment. Dylan and his team have been attentive from Day 1 and continue to be so, despite having much larger clients. Dylan is knowledgeable in the New York real estate market and makes recommendations, based on years of experience, that I know I can trust. Dylan has gone above and beyond in helping my family with other real estate matters, as well. I highly recommend Dylan and XL Real Property Management.”

- Monica Lewin, Australia


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