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What Is XL Real Property Management?

XL Real Property Management is a high-end residential property management company serving the needs of owners who hold investment condo and co-op apartments, townhomes and multi-family buildings in New York City. We manage your properties as if they were our own, giving you peace of mind that your luxury property will reach its full profit potential.

With a particular focus on luxury apartments and high-end properties, XL’s approach prioritizes meticulous management services and sophisticated support for foreign investors or out-of-state property owners. We keep our finger on the pulse of technology, enabling us to streamline management processes, minimize operating expenses, and achieve maximum profit so you can improve the overall financial performance of every NYC property you own.


What Property Management Services Are Available?

At XL Real Property Management, we lift the burden of managing high-end investment apartments in New York City off your shoulders so you can sit back and relax. We make it easy for international property owners, overseas investors, or out-of-state apartment owners to manage, maintain, and supervise high-end properties from afar. From rent invoicing and lease renewal to repair and maintenance, we take care of it all.

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Individual Apartments and Townhomes


Rental Buildings

What Fees Does XL Charge as My Property Manager?

Our standard fee for service is 5% of the gross rental income of your luxury investment. However, as an XL client you will be entitled to receive discounts on all operational services you would typically encounter as an owner such as insurance, contractor and legal fees. This can substantially offset our management fee. Owner-occupied/ Pied-a-terre management is priced on a case-by-case basis.

What Benefits Can I Expect When I Work With XL?

In a complex real estate market like New York City, partnering with a property manager to represent your individual high-end apartment or small luxury building is vital to creating a prosperous investment experience. Our property management philosophy puts your profitability and peace of mind first so you can invest with full confidence, even if you don’t live in New York City. We make it possible for you to manage your New York City investment property from overseas or from another state so you can achieve the maximum income potential of your luxury apartment, town home, or pied-a-terre.

Here are some of the ways we help you make the most of your investment property:

Lease/Lease Renewal Negotiation

Staying up-to-date on high-end market pricing is key to maximizing income for your luxury rental. We carefully review neighborhood comparable pricing to ensure your lease and lease renewals are in-line with market expectations. When negotiating the terms of your lease, we negotiate the most favorable terms possible and help you avoid costly mistakes that could invite future exposure.

Volume Pricing on Operational Expenses

If you own a portfolio of luxury apartments, XL can help you secure discounts on everyday operational expenses. From painting and repair work, to insurance premiums, to legal and accounting services, we help you save money through the power of buying in volume.

Reliable, Trustworthy Vendors

In New York City, apartment turnover and other maintenance/repair expenses can add up quickly, creating sizable line items in your investment budget. XL helps you manage those costs by connecting you with the best vendors for maintenance and repair work. Our extensive database of licensed and insured contractors and technicians gives you access to knowledgeable, trustworthy vendors at cost-effective prices. With local representation and knowledge of the market, we ensure that you hire only the best contractors to maintain your high-end investment property.

Insurance Policy Audits

Insurance coverage is one of the most complicated topics in real estate investing. Our team of experts will review your current insurance policy so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when it comes time to file a claim. We protect your investment by making sure you are correctly insured for the type of asset you own in the event of an accident. Our experience and know-how will ensure that you never have too much coverage, too little coverage, or the wrong kind of coverage.

Opportunity Cost Savings

As the saying goes, time is money. Rather than navigating the labyrinth of the New York City high-end real estate market alone, allow us to save you the hassle, headache and inconvenience of self-managing your assets. Our client-centered approach includes online rent payment and digital statements, allowing you to streamline your property management tasks and reclaim your time for other pursuits.