How Does a Building Management Agency Help You?

Jun 9, 2022

There are different decisions you need to make as a landlord to improve your property’s management. Some people opt for doing all the tasks by themselves, but there are other options you can choose from, like, for instance, hiring a building management agency. Now, you might think that hiring a building management agency won’t provide you with much help, but in reality, you’d be surprised how much burden the management agency can lift off your shoulders.
As we mentioned earlier, it’s true that landlords can manage the property by themselves or by hiring a single employee, but when it comes to multiple tasks and properties, it is always advised to hire a building management agency. But, if you are still in a dilemma and want to learn how a building management agency helps you, check out the following text below.

What Do They Do?

A building management company deals directly with tenants and prospects, saving you a lot of time and money, meaning you won’t have to worry about collecting rent, marketing your rentals, handling repair and maintenance issues, pursuing evictions, and responding to tenant complaints. Furthermore, a proper manager will provide you with trained experts on the subject, ensuring you have your own piece of mind when it comes to dealing with tenants and all possible problems that might come up. Additionally, a building management agency is an independent contractor, meaning you can avoid all the hassle of being an employer.

When to Hire a Building Management Agency?

Although hiring a building manager is pretty costly, there are numerous advantages you should take into consideration in order to make the right decision. So, if you are wondering when to hire a building management agency, check out our list below:

The Number of Properties

If you own lots of rental units or properties, chances are you won’t be able to take care of all the obligations. So, for those of you that don’t have time to deal with all the buildings and have a large number of units to take care of, it would be smart to invest in hiring a building management agency.

Your Location

Suppose you don’t live near the location of your property and need to drive there every time you have to take care of some issue or obligation. Besides saving time and, in some cases, money, there is no chance you’ll be able to deal with critical issues from afar. In that case, we highly advise you to hire a building manager because, in the long run, this step can even save you some money.

Your Interest

A Building Manager Is Helping Tenants

Now, we know that some landlords enjoy dealing with tenants and numerous responsibilities related to owning a building. However, others are simply not interested in giving their time to these issues, and that’s why hiring a building manager is a good fit.

Your Time

In today’s time, people are too busy to even have enough time to spend with their loved ones or indulge themselves, which can get almost impossible if you plan on dealing with all the issues related to your property by yourself. This is where a building manager comes in, as it is a perfect way to save up time.

You Can Afford It

Probably the plainest reason on the list is affordability. If you have enough money, hiring a building management agency is a pretty solid option. However, expect that the quotes range from %5 to %10. So, if the market is down and you want to save as much money as possible, we recommend performing the job by yourself.

A Growing Business

If you own a growing business, it is natural that, in time, you’ll need as much help as you can get. That’s where a rental building management New York agency can help you.

Being An Employer

Suppose you hire employees or a resident manager to help with managing your property. In that case, you’ll become an employer, and those of you that want to avoid that should hire a building management agency as they represent an independent contractor. If you become an employer, you’ll have to deal with payroll and numerous other legal considerations and requirements. So, because a building management agency is an independent contractor and not your employee, you won’t have to deal with these obligations.

How to Find a Building Management Agency?

Finding a building manager is easy, but finding the right Manhattan property management agency is hard, especially if you have no prior experience in the subject. It is important to ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends, and family. You can always search for recommendations online and remember to check out various reviews, as they will provide you with the best insight into the company’s work ethic.
Avoid shady and inexperienced companies that won’t provide quality service. Also, remember to compare the prices and explore all the available options before making the final decision.


You might think that a property management company won’t provide you with much help, but there are several reasons why you should consider hiring one, including saving time, dealing with other issues, avoiding being an employer, living far away from your property etc. It is always best to put everything on paper and list all the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a building management agency.
We hope you enjoyed our article and found some useful information on the subject.